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Some of my books

Summoning the Guardians

Architects of the Subconscious Mind


In "Summoning the Guardians: Architects of the Subconscious Mind," Trevor Goodwin invites readers into an intimate and profound journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary. This isn't just a story; it's an exploration of the delicate balance between the analytical mind and the vast, unexplored territories of the spiritual realm.
With a narrative that weaves through the quiet moments of introspection to the thunderous revelations of the unseen, Trevor recounts how an unexpected midnight encounter set him on a path of discovery. Through vivid storytelling and personal anecdotes, this book reveals the power of embracing one's inner voices and the profound impact they can have on one's life journey.
This book is more than a personal narrative; it's a beacon for those who find themselves at the crossroads of skepticism and curiosity. With each page, Trevor demystifies the process of creating and interacting with one's personal guardians, offering a heartfelt invitation to the reader to embark on their own journey of discovery and self-realization.
"Summoning the Guardians" doesn't promise easy answers but instead offers a companion for the journey—a testament to the power of curiosity, the importance of questioning, and the incredible potential of the human spirit to transcend the boundar
ies of the physical world. Join Trevor on this extraordinary exploration and discover the guardians waiting within your subconscious.


Limited Signature Edition


E-Book Edition

Black Women as Goddesses

Adult Coloring Book


Our coloring book features well known Goddesses reimagined to celebrate and empower black women. Coloring can be a great way to reduce stress, relax, and unwind after a long day. But this book is more than just a coloring book - it's a tool for empowering women of color to see themselves in these powerful, beautiful, and awe-inspiring characters.
Our hope is that as you color each page, you will connect with the strength and wisdom of the black goddesses featured in this book. May you be reminded of your own beauty, power, and resilience. May you find solace and healing in the creative process, and may you be inspired to embrace your unique qualities, to love yourself fully and unconditionally, and to shine your light brightly in the world.

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