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 Grab the Bag - The Story

You gonna Grab the Bag, or Not?

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Since I was a kid, I was always trying to figure out ways to make a little extra money.  They were small job, mowing lawns and washing neighbors cars but the extra money allowed me the opportunity to purchase the things I wanted.  As I got older, the things I wanted to purchase were more and more expensive.  The business ideas grew up as well.  I had my day job, that took care of all of the day to day expenses but I kept my side hustles going and growing.  I would often take my side hustle products to sell at my main job as well. Lucky Bamboo Plants, Candles to Cupcakes. People knew to stop by my desk to get the goods.

I have grown my side hustles into legitimate steams of income and I'm reaching a point they might exceed my main job.  I'm going to use Grab the Bag to show others how I did it, so they can do it as well. 

I see opportunities to make money everywhere and they look like money bags to me.  I see so many, and I know I can't get them all so this is my way to point them out for others.  Like, "You see that bag just sitting right there"?  I know my hands are full so, "You gonna Grab the Bag or not?"

Shipping Policy

At Grab the Bag, we are committed to getting your order to you quickly.  All orders will ship within 48 business hours, though our goal is to ship within 24 hours.  If your order only contains sticker sets, the order will ship for free with first class mail from the US Postal Service. These orders will come in an envelop with a first class stamp, tracking will not be available.  Shirt orders will ship with first class mail with tracking for a small fee.  Orders over $44 ship for free.

Return Policy

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