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My Bags

Some of the bags I'm getting



I have my Tesla Model 3 available for rent on Turo and I make about $700 a month renting it out.  The car is amazing and has so many great features. It normally goes out on the weekends or people get it for a day on special occasions.  Someone's Birthday, an Anniversary and even a Wedding! The longest someone rented the car was for a week. Have a School Reunion coming up, or want to impress clients, this car is the perfect flex!!!

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Tesla Referral Link

Stock Market

I feel like I have to share the ways I have earned additional income with others, and the stock market is one way I was able to do that.  You can probably tell I'm a HUGE Tesla fan, but I'm also an investor.  Over the past few years I have made a lot of money with my Tesla investments.  There are currently several options to invest including Robinhood and even the Cash App, you can start investing with only $1 so there are no more excuses!  This is not investment advise, complete your research and invest in a responsible way.

Robinhood Referral Link

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